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A Fresh New Start

How are you with the change of seasons?

How are you with the need to change?

As the light lengthens and strengthens, what has been underground begins to break through.

This sense of new growth can be a time of pure delight. It heralds in the promise of a fresh new start.

However, this breaking through can be a challenging process. The seed has to transform itself entirely into the root and shoot. 

Change is inevitable and yet so many of us struggle with it . We need to let go of what we know and enter into a time of uncertainty.

The seed takes this leap of faith, trusting that soil and moisture and warmth will nurture it.

When we meet change, we too need to take courage and trust that life will nurture us.

But, unlike the seed, we don’t need to leave everything to chance because we are the gardener’s of our destiny.

We can choose how we want to transform.

We can make our new beginning difficult or easy; terrifying or inviting, harsh or kind. We can do it alone or with support.

What kind of gardener do you want to be with your Fresh New Start?

I am here to help you along the way.

Through many years as a complementary therapist, I have discovered that when I combine nurturing, therapeutic touch with practical personal enquiry methods, many of my clients are empowered to successfully navigate some difficult lifestyle challenges.

Why not book a series of sessions with the clear intention of your exploring your Fresh New Start?

When you give yourself this time to reflect, to clarify and to feel your future self in a sense of your bones, blood and breath, your need to change can be a pleasurable experience.

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