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Cyclical Being

Unravel The Mystery Of Your Cyclical Nature

You are not a chaotic being of emotions and impulses. You are a symphony of rhythms. A dance of cycles woven into the very fabric of your being. From the moon's gentle sway to the seasons' vibrant waltz, from the ebb and flow of your hormones, to the sunrise that paints your day anew...Cycles pulse within you, shaping your experiences and whispering secrets of your truest self.

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Cycle Wisdom Circle

Join our Circle and Celebrate Your Cyclical Nature With Others. This online circle offers you the opportunity to speak with people practicing and exploring Cycle Awareness.

Feminine leadership in sitting circle holding eachother accountable menstrual cycle awareness



Learn the language and tools of Cycle Awareness and how to apply it to your daily life. As your mentor, I act as your teacher, your support, your guide as you explore this landscape.

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Designed to further your understanding of Cycle Awareness. By joining a CycleWise Course, you become a champion and sacred keeper of cyclical knowledge.

Lisa demonstrating her love of life in being in touch with the cycles of nature and cycle awareness as an elder

CycleWise Empowers You to Thrive

I invite you to step into the heart of your cycles and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, and the cyclical intelligence that governs us all. CycleWise is a compass, a map, and a lantern for your inner journey.

Through CycleWise you will discover:

The Intricate Tapestry Of Your Own Cycles

Uncover how your hormones, emotions, and energy levels ebb and flow in predictable patterns


The Profound Connection Between You And The Cosmos

You'll feel the moon's pull in your bones, the rhythm of the seasons reflected in your moods, and the dance of life mirrored in the vastness of the universe.

A Powerful Language To Understand Yourself

CycleWise provides a framework, a beautiful architecture to interpret your experiences, navigate change, and connect with your deepest purpose.

Moment-by-Moment Self Awareness

You'll learn to check in with your needs, honor your rhythms, and express your authentic self with clarity and confidence.

A Path To Your Unique Genius

CycleWise helps you uncover your calling, your innate gifts, and the imprint you're meant to leave on the world. Live with courage, contentment, dignity, and wonder, knowing you're dancing in harmony with the grand cycles of life.

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What My Clients Say

This is a powerful and healing experience and I am so grateful that Lisa held this safe space so gracefully for myself and the other beautiful women that joined me on this journey.


Client offering kind words for CycleWise experience menarche experience and menstrual cycle awareness

The work that Lisa provides through menstrual awareness has deeply connected me to my self and to the cycles of nature and empowered me to step into my true being.


Client offering kind words for CycleWise experience menarche experience and menstrual cycle awareness

I admire Lisa for the way she empowers and raises others up. Shining a light when others need it. She reminds me to be present in the now and give thanks for all the joy and love that is.


Client offering kind words for CycleWise experience menarche experience and menstrual cycle awareness

Not Sure What Is Best For You?

  • Wondering how I can best support you as a mentor?

  • Would you like to get to know me in person before committing to a session?


Book a FREE 30-minute call and let’s discover how we can work together to support you to thrive.


On a Personal Note...

In 2014, I found Red School, the UK's vibrant hub for Menstrual wisdom. A glimpse into their beautifully crafted Menstrual Cycle Awareness practices was all it took.


I found a language and tools that tethered me to a way of being I'd always intuited but never grasped. It was a profound homecoming. Cycle Awareness is an infinite wellspring of support. It's like having a personalized, ever-shifting internal compass. More than just grounding me, it keeps me attuned to the intricate symphony of being alive – a symphony I now conduct with intention and grace.

This practice has now become woven into the very fabric of my life. It's the foundation of my personal growth, the lens through which I navigate relationships and work. It's the key that unlocks a deeper understanding and embrace of my vibrant, ever-evolving self. My wish is to become your teacher, your support, your guide on your own Cycle Journey.

In pure delight

And serene radiance



circle representing the cyclical nature of life and women
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"The more you are in touch with the organic rhytms of your body and nature, the more alive and well you will feel"

- Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

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