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Imagine a world in which the cycles of life are revered and respected as quiet orchestrators of our lives - instilling a deep reverence for the planet and everything on it."

- Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope

Welcome to CycleWise, the vibrant thread of Vital Touch Therapies that covers the beautiful, organic, intricate awareness of all things Cyclical.


From the turning of the seasons, dusk to dawn, conception to death - we are held within a cyclical intelligence that pulses at the core of Everything.


From the heart of the cosmos to the roots of the earth, from macro to micro, this intelligence exists and (whether we like it or not) profoundly effects our lives.


So, what is Cycle Awareness? And how does it apply to you?


Simply put it is:

  • A way of checking in, referencing and meeting the intricate fluctuating truths of yourself in relation to the cycles of life, your hormones, the moon, your daily rhythms and how to face change

  • A daily practice of self enquiry using various cycles to reference why and how you are in the moment

  • A beautiful framework/language/architecture to support, enlighten and inform you as you navigate your life

  • A moment by moment method of keeping close to your needs and self expression within the layered reality of the cyclical patterns of life

  • A process that helps you connect to your Calling (what you came to your life to do on behalf of all life), your Unique Genius, your individual imprint, and to allow it to inform and shape how you live your life so that you may live with courage, contentment, dignity, generosity and wonder.


If you’re human, then Cycle Awareness is for you.


Let’s explore this great cyclical adventure together.

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My Gift to You


A 30-minute FREE Meaningful Cyclical Conversation


To discover how Cycle Awareness could work for you and

To explore how we can work together


Email or call/text me +44 (0)7900546817 to book your spot

You are celebrated and so welcome!


On a personal note, I stumbled across the seeds of this practice in 2014 when I was doing a random web search for local Red Tents and came up with Red School, the gestation hub in the UK for everything Menstruality.


Just a short glimpse into this beautifully crafted practice and I had a language and tools to tether me to this a way of being with myself and a world that I had always known existed but had no way of communicating.


It is infinitely supportive, grounds me in a moment by moment felt sense of myself and keeps me attuned to the intricate cycles of being alive.


I have taken Menstrual Cycle Awareness and woven it into the fabric of my life. It is at the heart of my personal development, it informs how I show up in the world: in relationships and work and it has become the lens that helps me deepen into my understanding and embrace of being alive and human.


In pure delight

And serene radiance




"The more you are in touch with the organic rhythms of your body and nature the more alive and well you will feel."

- Hugo Wurlizer

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"Through my educational and inspiring conversations with Lisa, it was the perfect next step to meet and unravel my Soul Seed. Her Menarche Course not only forged a connection with my essence, I can now see the path I need to follow in order to able true to myself. This is a powerful and healing experience and I am so grateful that Lisa held this safe space so gracefully for myself and the other beautiful women that joined me on this journey."

Jessica Boschler

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