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About You


Change is inevitable. When we face life challenges, we need help to build and reshape ourselves and our lives to accommodate the new. No matter how big or small, making the needed adjustments to your life requires care, determination, support and encouragement.

  • Are you facing transformation, transition or change?

  • Has life thrown you a curve ball?

  • Are you wanting to change but there is something stopping you from making that leap?

  • Are things falling apart around you?

  • Are you suffering?

Whether you are upping your exercise regime, dealing with chronic health conditions, spiraling into emotional distress, preparing for childbirth, on the ride that is Menopause and Midlife, changing your diet, grieving or needing to take time out to rest, relax and renew...


There is a specifically designed treatment waiting for you.

At Vital Touch Therapies, I support people through many forms of transformation from:

  • stress to serenity

  • grief to sweet surrender

  • hormonal imbalances to harmonious acceptance

  • painful chronic health conditions to contentment

  • emotional rollercoaster rides to celebration

  • addiction to empowerment

  • athletic challenges to success

  • body loathing to self-loving

  • and making your heartfelt dreams happen…for real

I believe that to embrace change we need to feel its potential in our bodies.

With various nurturing, therapeutic touch therapies, dedicated self- care and practical personal enquiry methods, I've witnessed clients successfully navigate challenging life situations with incredible grace and ease.


This distinctive blend of body intelligence therapy and personal development serves as a potent elixir, capable of transforming you and your world in gentle yet profound ways.

On our journey together, we will uncover practical tools tailored to your needs, fostering a harmonious, inspiring, and welcoming environment. Tools that seamlessly integrate into your routine, that don't require additional time or space. 

Are you interested, inspired, uplifted?

Yes! Then let’s work together to support and nurture you through the changes you need to make to create the life you love. Let's ignite and build a felt sense of the changes you want to make in your bones, your blood, your breath. 


About me


I am, as are we all, many things to many people: a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother, a partner, a domestic goddess, a gardener, a word weaver, a walker of pathways…to name but a few.

As for life experiences: I have met rock bottom! I have turned over some of those rocks at rock bottom too. I have also soared on the wings of pure joy…and between these extremes, I have become a traveler of all the intricate and subtle spaces of what it means to be alive and human at this turning time.


I am now at that post-menopausal life stage where I can say that I move with a deepening sense of belonging to myself and to the world. I am proud of the person I have become.

In my workplace, I have been a teacher, an organic farmer, a chef, an administrator, a communications officer and now I am a complementary therapist, a mentor, coach and councilor.

More importantly, I come to you with a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill and talent, honed by decades of dedication to my craft.

In this role, I offer various therapies, courses and retreats to support people, who, for many reasons, are making necessary lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life and who are called to contribute in some way to walk the way of loving kindness for all beings.


"As a busy working mum, one thing I seem to have little time for is myself and my own well-being. Time and space with Lisa to receive that healing touch which she gives is exactly what I need to feel cared and I return to my family refreshed and renewed."

Kathy White

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? " 

Mary Oliver

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