"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver


Welcome to the webhome of Vital Touch Therapies. 


Would you like to experience a blissful radiance, relief from chronic symptoms and a joyful, energized sense of ease in your life? 

With Vital Touch Therapies, it is possible to meet life’s challenges with determination, kindness and satisfaction. 


I look forward to meeting you and helping you to restore joy and ease in your life.



Aloha! My name is Lisa Sutherland.


I am, like most humans, many things to many people: a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother, a domestic goddess, a gardener, a writer (I admit cautiously), a walker of pathways…to name but a few.

In my life, I have lived many lifetimes. I have met rock bottom! I have turned over some of those rocks at rock bottom too. I have also soared on the wings of pure joy…and between these extremes, I have become a traveller of all the intricate and subtle spaces in between.

To you and for you, I am a full time, self-employed Complementary Therapist.


In this role, I offer various therapies and courses to support people, who, for many reasons, are making necessary lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life.

Since 2001 (when I began practicing), I have found that when I combine nurturing, therapeutic touch with practical personal enquiry methods, many clients were empowered to successfully navigate some difficult lifestyle challenges.


  • Are you facing change?

  • Has life thrown you a curve ball?

  • Are you wanting to change but there is something stopping you from making that leap?

  • Do you need to change or else something will just burst?

  • Are things falling apart around you?

  • Are you suffering?


Change is inevitable. No matter how big or small, making lifestyle adjustments requires care, determination and encouragement.


I have been supporting people through many forms of transformation from:

  • stress to serenity

  • grief to sweet surrender

  • hormonal imbalances to harmonious acceptance

  • painful chronic health conditions to contentment

  • emotional rollercoaster rides to celebration

  • addiction to empowerment

  • athletic challenges to success

  • body loathing to self- loving

  • and making your heartfelt dreams happen…for real


Whether you are upping your exercise regime, dealing with chronic health conditions, going through hormonal changes, spiraling into emotional distress, preparing for childbirth, changing your diet, grieving or needing to take time out to rest, relax and renew- there is a specifically designed treatment, waiting for you.


When we face these life challenges, we need help to build and reshape ourselves and our lives to accommodate the new.


This is where I come in.

I believe that to embrace change we need to feel its potential in our bodies. The physical therapies I offer are a perfect platform for this discovery. Together we help ignite and build a felt sense of the changes you want to make in your bones, your blood, your breath.

We also need simple, practical tools to generate an environment that is harmonious, inspiring and welcoming to our fresh way of being.


There are so many ways you can help yourself from moment to moment, day to day to create a life you love. They don’t even need to take up more time and space. They can be gently woven into your routine.


This unique combination of physical touch therapy and personal development is powerful medicine. It has the power to transform in the kindest, yet profound ways.

Are you interested, inspired, uplifted?

Let’s work together to support and nurture you through the changes you need to make to create the life you love.

Seasonal Special

Feeling Free Treatment Session


A treatment session to help you identify, unlock and shift a core belief that is hoilding you back, tripping you up and keeping you small.

Set yourself FREE.

With a combination of Reiki, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a take home Bach Flower Remedy, you can open to a deep sense of peace, expansion and vibrancy that maybe you have only dreamed about but never felt possible.

Cost: £55

Duration: 60 minutes

Book soon. I can't wait to hear from you.

Call/text Lisa: 07900546817 or email: vitaltouchtherapies@gmail.com


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Jonathan Young

Lisa’s massages address the whole of you, and come from a place of deep listening and respect. For this reason alone, they are deeply healing and relaxing – but Lisa also has years of experience in a range of massage styles and is highly skilled. The combination is awesome!