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"May you become the gracious and passionate subject of your own life."

- John O’Donohue


Aloha! My name is Lisa Sutherland.

Welcome to the Vital Touch Therapies website.


Here you are invited to discover the various ways I may serve you.


Through Vital Touch Therapies, I invite people to experience the felt reality of what it is to be fully alive.


My sessions are crafted to enable and inspire you to connect to a sense of belonging to yourself and the world.


As a whole-person embodiment practitioner, I offer you two streams of therapy. Both are intertwined but each has a different quality of relationship.

Please dive in and enjoy exploring these treasures I have to share with you. Through working together, may we create a life of loving kindness for you and all beings.


In serene radiance
And pure delight

Nurturing Touch


Nurturing Touch involves a combination of personal and spiritual development and hands on touch therapy.



CycleWise is the home of everything I create relating to Cycle Awareness.


At Vital Touch Therapies, I support people through many forms of transformation from:


  • stress to serenity

  • grief to sweet surrender

  • hormonal imbalances to harmonious acceptance

  • painful chronic health conditions to contentment

  • emotional rollercoaster rides to celebration

  • addiction to empowerment

  • athletic challenges to success

  • body loathing to self-loving

  • and making your heartfelt dreams happen…for real

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"Through my educational and inspiring conversations with Lisa, it was the perfect next step to meet and unravel my Soul Seed. Her Menarche Course not only forged a connection with my essence, I can now see the path I need to follow in order to able true to myself. This is a powerful and healing experience and I am so grateful that Lisa held this safe space so gracefully for myself and the other beautiful women that joined me on this journey."

Jessica Boschler

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