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"May you become the gracious and passionate subject of your own life."

- John O’Donohue


Aloha! My name is Lisa Sutherland.

Welcome to the Vital Touch Therapies website.


Here you are invited to discover the various ways I may serve you.


Through Vital Touch Therapies, I invite people to experience the felt reality of what it is to be fully alive.


My sessions are crafted to enable and inspire you to connect to a sense of belonging to yourself and the world.


As a whole-person embodiment practitioner, I offer you two streams of therapy; Nurturing Touch and CycleWise. Both are intertwined but each has a different quality of relationship.

Please dive in and enjoy exploring these treasures I have to share with you. Through working together, may we create a life of loving kindness for you and all beings.


In serene radiance and pure delight,



Embodied totem used for decorating massage and embodied mentorship client space.

CycleWise is the home of everything I create relating to Cycle Awareness.

Nurturing Touch

Lisa Sutherland providing nurturing touch massage, reflexology, reiki and general wellness to client in Berkhamstead UK.

Nurturing Touch involves a combination of personal and spiritual development and hands on touch therapy.

Ready for your breakthrough? Buckinghamshire's trusted therapist awaits. Read client testimonials

"During a recent personally difficult period, I took Lisa's series of 6 reflexology sessions, which helped me to feel stable and empowered when I would otherwise have felt low and helpless. I value her approach of healing the person not just bodily ailments and would genuinely recommend a bit of ‘Lisa care’ to anyone."

Amy McRae

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