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Awakening to the Body Being

I’m going to get straight to the heart of the matter:

All you have in order to experience this precious life of yours, is your body.

Your relationships, your career, your valuables- these are the creations of your self expression through your body.

Without your body, you and your world would not exist.

Now knowing this, ask yourself:

How much attention do I give to my body?

I’m not talking about that glance in the mirror. I’m talking about that deep and meaningful stare into your own eyes. The gazing that takes you beyond face value and into the sheer miracle of your being. The look that sees the unique spark of life glowing through you and if you have the courage, the scrutiny that shows you the shadows.

How often do you listen to the signs of your body?

Do you know it’s daily, monthly, seasonal rhythms?

What is your response to your fluctuations in energy?

What do you do with symptoms of pain – physical and emotional?

Your body is an amazing, intricate being.

Just a peek into basic anatomy leaves me breathless in awe.

It operates and renews itself again and again without me having to think about it.

When I engage with self care and personal development, it miraculously bounces back from physical, emotional and mental trauma, carrying the scars of my history like a lantern in the dark to guide me in wisdom.

When I place my nurturing touch on the people who come to me for treatments, their lives are revealed to me by the sense of their bodies. Not just in the knots, pain, symptoms and inflexibilities we can perceive with our 5 senses, but on another level of deeper knowing.

I call this level somatic sensing.

I have had this skill in greater and lesser degree all my life.

Initially it was unconscious, then unacknowledged, then rejected and denied.

Now it is treasured and honed as part of the gift I give to clients, friends, family, colleagues and myself.

Somatic Sensing is not mine alone, we all have it, we just need to listen to our bodies with a willingness and trust that has become dormant.

It is my devout wish that humanity reawakens to this enlivening, empowering, expanding sense of being.

All we need to do is cherish, respect and trust the body we are in.

with pure delight


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