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"There is a perfect rhythm in all life, and when you are in rhythm you flow without any effort, and find joy and fulfillment in so doing."

-Eileen Caddy

In 2023, together with my dear friend Claudia Balara, I am holding several in person, day long workshops to explore the architecture of Menstrual cycle Awareness.


Our intentions for holding this space are:

  • To share the practice, benefits and wisdom of MCA.

  • To give witness to and celebrate our journeys as women.

  • To gather a group of women who support one another in developing and embodying the practice of MCA in their lives.


These in person workshops in 2023 are to be held:


May 14th: Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness

June 11: Deepening

Oct 1st: Mastering Menopause

Nov 12th: Deepening and Widening

Dec 9/10: Gathering Our Gifts




Intro day: £90-120

3 Intensives: £210-300 reduced (£70- 100/day) when paid in advance for all 3

2 Deepenings: £140-200

Introduction to MCA




Mastering Menopause




Deepening and Widening

Gathering Our Gifts

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