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"Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. " 

 Deborah Day


I highly recommend that you consider a delicious blend of the therapeutic styles I have on offer and you may also opt to work with a specific therapeutic style.

During each session, you will be invited to explore any personal challenges or changes you want to make in your life and we use practical personal inquiry methods to explore the best ways to make these changes possible.

This method of combining embodiment practice and personal inquiry will support you to successfully navigate your transitions all in a safe, nurturing space.



The foundation of my massage rests in the sacred, 5 000 year- old, fluid touch of the Polynesian Lomi-Lomi. Continuous, flowing strokes work both gently and deeply to alleviate pain, release tension and can magically break down obstacles mentally and emotionally to leave you calm, relaxed, grounded, expanded and inspired.

From this basis I can weave in elements of Indian Head Massage/ Seated Massage and Remedial Massage to meet your specific needs at the time.

Remedial Massage is deep tissue massage that may efficiently treat injuries. It is used to remove blockages and damaged cells, speed up recovery and encourage healing. It does not set out to relax, the intention is more to address physical pain and injury.

An Indian Head Massage is a powerful method to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders, head and face, often caused by overwork at computers, too much driving or simply thinking and worrying too much. It also has the benefit of clearing the mind and welcoming in deep relaxation. Blended oils warm and soften the muscles of your back, shoulders, neck and scalp and the treatment is completed with a gentle face massage with vanilla-scented Argon oil.

Note for MEN: I do not take bookings for massage for men directly from the website. I treat men only if referred by someone I trust.




Reflexology is a method of activating the body’s innate healing and potentising  powers by stimulating reflexes on the foot.

 It accesses the internal organs, moves through each anatomical system, traces the path of dis-ease and also works on the subtle energetics of the body - all in one treatment.

I have offered reflexology to women and men, from adolescence to menopause, from stress to lethargy and have been met with some profound results.

It also massages our hard working and often neglected feet, bringing a conscious sense of grounding, stability and a spring to your step.

Alongside a general reflexology method, I use specific protocols to attend to various life stages. There are tailor-made sessions for:

  • Hormonal Balancing in Adolescence, for inviting Conception, during pregnancy, to stimulate birth and for taming the various symptoms of menopause.

  • Optimising healing after birth, surgery or accidents.

  • Soothing aggravation in you physically and emotionally caused by shock, trauma, grief, acute and chronic stress.

Because most hormones work in cycles that directly impact how we feel about ourselves and the world, it is recommended to see you for 4-6 sessions. This is the best way for you to connect to the practice, knowledge and wisdom of Menstrual Cycle Awareness as I share its natural architecture and mentor you through at least one cycle.

I have created a special package called Revitalise, Refresh and Renew to enable you to discover the find the harmony you need.

Reflexology Revitalise, Refresh and Renew Package:

6 sessions 45 minutes sessions for £275



I am also a trained Clinical Aromatherapist, and bring to our sessions an in depth knowledge in the exquisite use of the scents and medicine of the essential oils that the kingdom plants so generously offers us.



For me, Reiki is an essential ingredient when giving therapeutic touch.

As method of energetic healing, it treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and may create many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing to improve one’s health and enhance your quality of life. 

I can offer you a Reiki session, either on its own, or integrated into other forms of massage, creating a holistic healing session.


Personal Enquiry through Counselling/Coaching/Mentorship

As we navigate the challenges of lifestyle changes it is helpful, I would say necessary, to surrender (from time to time) to the support and encouragement of others.

Isn't it a relief to know that you don't have to do it alone, that someone else has your best interests at heart?

This can be an exciting and daunting journey and it is often necessary to take the time to pause, consider, evaluate, and integrate the many options open to you before you begin to act.

It is important to me that your journey is loving and kind, not only to yourself, but to those around you.

Sometimes that does mean making some painful, difficult choices and there are ways to pave a way that is not littered with bitterness and regret.

As your coach and mentor, I cannot make choices for you yet, I can guide you towards creating a life that is fulfilling, nurturing and uplifting. It is vital that we work together to make the small, yet significant changes you need to enhance your life.

I can offer sessions in person, or online using Zoom, Skype; What's App or Facetime .

In person sessions may also include, with your permission of course, some of the hands on therapies I practice as a way of integrating your intentions.

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"Through my educational and inspiring conversations with Lisa, it was the perfect next step to meet and unravel my Soul Seed. Her Menarche Course not only forged a connection with my essence, I can now see the path I need to follow in order to able true to myself. This is a powerful and healing experience and I am so grateful that Lisa held this safe space so gracefully for myself and the other beautiful women that joined me on this journey."

Jessica Boschler

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