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Mastering Menopause

"There is a perfect rhythm in all life, and when you are in rhythm you flow without any effort, and find joy and fulfillment in so doing."

-Eileen Caddy

I welcome the opportunity to have a conversation about all things Cyclical.


Whether you want to gather some friends in your home or bring me to a more formal setting with colleagues, I am open to engaging with groups of people to share the knowledge, practice and benefits of living with Cycle Awareness.


I’m also willing to meet you online!


These sharings are informative, interactive and nourishing with the intention of introducing you to the basic concepts of Cyclical Living.


Please get in touch and book a date on anything related to Cycle Awareness from Menstruality to Menopause, Moon Cycling and Life Cycling and everything in between.


Contact: Lisa Sutherland:; (0)7900546817

Image by Sergey Shmidt


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