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"We're all just walking each other home."

-Ram Dass

Each of us is unique, imprinted with a rich tapestry that shapes our identity, behaviours, beliefs and choices.


Using a combination of online tutoring and prompts with face to face sessions, we can explore how you consciously and unconsciously weave these threads through your life, working with the lens, practice and wisdom of Cycle Awareness.


As your mentor, I act as your teacher, your support, your guide as you explore this landscape that is at once familiar and strange, and encourage you as you apply these principles to your life.


Through our sessions together, either in person or online, you may:


  • Learn the language and tools of Cycle Awareness and how to apply it to your daily life.

  • Discover where you work against these organic rhythms and how this creates disharmony, discomfort, dis-ease and how to bring yourself back into alignment using the simple tools Cycle Awareness offers.

  • Reveal the many ways you show up in the world and learn to acknowledge and celebrate yourself.

  • Develop a clearer relationship with your Inner Critic and your Inner Champion and learn how to wield your power wisely, becoming more responsive and less reactive to the challenges and stressors of your life.

  • Explore how you navigate change and how to best serve yourself when faced with transition.

  • Exercise the potency of YES and the potency of NO in their cyclical rhythms as a way of creating precise boundaries and the capacity to contain your life force effectively and efficiently.

  • Gain confidence in your own authority making you less swayed by the vagaries and vanities of public opinion.

  • Identify your triggers, unpack any trauma and notice how they show up within your cycle so that you may change the way they impact your behaviour and choices.

  • Become comfortable with emotional encounter, recognising it as an intelligence that allows you to deepen into a compassionate relationship with yourself and others.

  • Navigate the physical-psycho-spiritual aspects of menarche, parenthood, menopause/midlife

  • Unpack the richness and treasures of your life.

…and so much more.


In person



There are various themes relating to Cycle Awareness to choose from:


  • The power of YES and the power of NO

  • Menstruality and our seasonal cycling

  • Menarche and Adolescence

  • Menopause and Midlife

  • Transitions and Initiations

  • Cycling with Shadow and Trauma

  • The Creative Cycle


I look forward to sharing this sweet and sacred journey with you


With serene radiance

And pure delight


Image by Annie Spratt

" The hour is striking so close above me,

so clear and sharp,

that all my senses ring with it.

I feel now: there’s power in me

to grasp and give shape to my world.


I know that nothing has ever been real

without my beholding it.

All becoming has needed me.

My looking ripens things

and they come toward me, to meet me and be met."

- Rilke (translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy)

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