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"There is a perfect rhythm in all life, and when you are in rhythm you flow without any effort, and find joy and fulfillment in so doing."

-Eileen Caddy

Welcome to Menstrual Cycle Awareness!


This one- day event is a mixture of:

·      learning,

·      reflection,

·      restorative practices,

·      embodiment practices,

·      journaling,

·      creating connection

·      and delicious feasting. 




Are you:

·      Committed to deepening in self- awareness, personal and spiritual development?

·      Curious about your life arc and your menstrual cycle?

·      Yearning to find with a simple practice that helps us build a kinder, loving, resilient, sustainable and connected lifestyle?

·      Willing to practice deep listening with yourself and within circle?

·      Longing to serve the greater whole in a grounded, functional way?

·      Wanting to celebrate and empower yourself and others?


Do you

·      Long to belong?

·      Want to change the stories of violence, submission and victimhood that so many women still experience?

·      Value life in all its wonderous forms?


If these are the questions you are asking yourself,  Menstrual Cycle Awareness may be the key that allows you to create the life you have been longing for.


But how?


What MCA can do for you?

Menstrual Cycle Awareness supports you to connect to and appreciate the intelligence within the natural cycles of your body so you can:

·      Build self-care foundations

·      Pace your energy and soothe your nervous system

·      Develop a deeper sense of belonging to yourself and the world

·      Address the habits and behaviours that prevent you from realizing your full potential and

·      Connect you with your own unique sense of purpose in the world and activate your life in order to meet it.

And there’s so much more…



Sunday March 12th 10-5


Held in the historic home and grounds of Bendish House, SG48JA.


It is best to come with your own transport- or even better, shared, but you could also get public transport to either Hitchin, Harpenden or Luton Airport Parkway train station and then get a cab. 



Our circle is kept small and personable with only have 10 spaces available.



The cost of the workshop is on a sliding scale:




If you feel deeply called to do this work but cannot afford £90, please reach out to us and we will find a solution together.  


To book your place, please contact:

Lisa Sutherland

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