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  • I am undergoing medical care? Is it safe to have a treatment?
    The therapies on offer here work well with conventional medicine. If you are undergoing any rigorous medical treatment, you are advised to consult your doctor before trying any new Complementary Therapy. If there is a condition that you have that prevents you from having a particular treatment we can tailor another treatment form to suit your needs.
  • Do I need to do anything before I come for a treatment?
    If you can, it is advised that you cleanse before your sessions but this is not necessary. Wear comfortable clothing that can get a little oil on from your skin.
  • I am nervous about getting unchanged for a massage.
    I understand. The treatment room is private, warm and designed to help you feel safe, comfortable and welcome. You are given ample time to settle into the space and change your clothes in private. During the treatment your dignity is respected.
  • What may I experience during a treatment?
    What you experience depends on the treatment and you. There are a variety of sensations and states that can be experienced. I intend all my treatments to be nurturing, effective, calming, relaxing and effective. Some of the more uncomfortable sensations that may be experienced are sensations of electric shock or cramp as a reaction to nerve stimulation; tummy rumbles; heat as metabolic rate increases or cold as metabolic rate slows, coughing etc. If you experience any of these sensations during a treatment you are welcome to explore them with me during the session. Listening to the signs of the body is part of my practice.
  • What may I experience after a treatment?
    All treatments are designed to support you and your body to find a balance and move towards optimum health and vitality. After a session you may discover that you have a variety of symptoms. Hopefully you will have a sense of release, ease and flexibility in muscles and joints; a deeper sense of calm and possibility; revitalised, rejuvinated, relaxed and uplifted. After treatment for up to 24 hours, symptoms may become temporarily worse, and/or you may temporarily exhibit new symptoms. T his is normal and can indicate a turning point and is usually followed by an improvement in your conditions. Some unpleasant symptoms may be: general aches and pains, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, dizziness, frequent bowel movements, urination with possible change in colour/odour, increased perspiration, skin rash, increased mucus, tension headache, in women menstrual blood may change in colour etc. If any of these symptoms alarm you or persist please contact me.
  • What must I do after a treatment?
    Try not to schedule anything demanding thereafter. Drink more water than usual over the next 24 to flush away toxins. Avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks, alcohol and smoking (as well as other stimulants). The body is eliminating toxins and rebalancing, therefore the intake of more toxins will set back the positive effects of the treatment. Avoid a heavy meal- light snack only. The body is concentrating on rebalancing and too much digestion will distract the process. If driving home, if you are feeling dizzy, giddy or breathless ensure window is down. I suggest a small walk or quiet sit before driving off. If possible have a warm, relaxing bath before bed. Have an early night to gain maximum benefit. Leave aromatherapy oils on the skin and avoid direct sunlight if a photosensitive essential oil has been used.
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