"When you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else"

Joseph Campbell

My personal journey has opened up the opportunity to share my gifts of growing, learning and deepening with others and for others to share theirs.

Boost Your Bliss

  • Feeling a bit stuck or discontent?

  • Under the weather physically or emotionally?

  • Do you need some additional self care to re align yourself, navigate changes and feel supported as you do so?


This programme is designed to assist you,
body and mind,
so that you feel inspired,
energised and positive,
with a clearer sense of direction, inner peace and
joyful self confidence.


Join me for a 4 Session Programme to connect you to your bliss.


Each session will be approximately 75 minutes, incorporating CONSULTATION, TREATMENT and TOOLS to BOOST YOUR BLISS.

for a detailed overview, click HERE.


Price: £220 if sessions booked and paid for upfront or £65 per session.

Sessions may be booked within a month or booked over a 3 month period.



Session 1: Releasing: Who by fire? Who by water?
Consultation: What is moving you and what is limiting you from experiencing bliss?
Bliss Tool 1: Letting go and setting clear intention to expand and radiate.
Treatment: Anointing Face Massage with rose water and vanilla scented Argon oil.


Session 2: Counting your blessings
Consultation: Feedback and reflection on releasing and intention.
Bliss Tool 2: Gratitude pages.
Treatment: Lomi-lomi back massage with individually blended aromatherapy oils.
TAKE HOME: a complimentary 5ml bottle of your personal blend.


Session 3: Receiving
Consultation: Feedback and reflection on gratitude. Examining your attitudes towards receiving and surrendering.
Bliss Tool 3: Inviting inspiration in: Artist Date.
Treatment: Restful Foot reflexology with relaxation meditation.


Session 4: Giving: Radiating out into the world
Consultation: Review of the sessions.
Bliss Tool 4: Identifying 3 SMART steps to continue to Follow Your Bliss.
Treatment: Indian Head Massage incorporating the back, neck and scalp using specific ayurvedic oils



Relaxation and Rest

Relaxation and Rest is a 1 to 1 course that supports you in remembering what relaxation feels like and gives you practical tools to experience rest.

We, like the rest of nature, need time to rest in order to maintain a healthy, harmonious quality of life.

For many of us, life continues apace and this not only effects our physical health but puts a strain on our relationships.

Chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, burnout, even addiction ... are all symptoms that show that we are out of balance.

However, we have forgotten how relaxation feels and often find it difficult to rest.

This 3 part series of Treatment Sessions, explores the nature of:




as ways of reconnecting and enhancing a sense of relaxation, even amidst the whirlwind of life.

You will explore 3 simple tools that may assist you to find rest, even in the busiest day,

as well as 3 complementary treatments designed to release tensions from the body and settle the mind.

Sessions are approx 75-90 minutes and may be booked as a block or individually.

£60 for an individual session or £160 if all sessions booked and paid for in advance.


Kathy White

As a busy working mum, one thing I seem to have little time for is myself and my own well-being. Being able to create a time and space with Lisa to receive that healing touch which she always gives in a way that is exactly what I need has meant that  I feel cared for so deeply and then revitalizes me to return to my family refreshed and renewed after each session.