"The root of all health is in the brain. 

The trunk of it is in emotion. 

The branches and leaves are the body. 

The flower of health blooms

when all parts work together."

Jane Harrington

These special offers are a choice of packages

that combine treatments and offer you the best options

for an affordable investment.

Toe to Tip

From Toe to Tip is a session designed to give you the robustness we all need to thrive amongst the demands any transition.


Changes in weather, circumstance, health, relationship all effect the harmony of our body, mind and spirit and Toe to Tip is an excellent way to give a sense of relief and grounding.


This treatment combines



  • AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS to bring you an effective, nurturing and soothing experience.


25 minutes of a Reflexology to stimulate the reflexes in the muscles and joints, that may ache and those that correspond to the immune system to help you combat those seasonal nasties.


25 minutes of Back, Shoulder, Neck and Head Massage, Lomi style, using a special blend of essential oils, to soothe cramped muscles, ease breathing and invite the cosiness and peace in.


Plus an atomised Essential Oil Fragrance to combat airborn, respiratory related symptoms.


Cost: £60

Duration: 60 minutes


Revitalise, Refresh, Renew: 6 Reflexology Sessions

I have had such success with this REFLEXOLOGY OFFER:

  • It has helped several adolescents clear a history of fatigue and debilitating menstrual cramps.

  • Several women with diagnosed polycyctic ovarian syndrome invested in the course of treatment and we have celebrated the return of the bleeding cycle and the promise of fertility.

  • These sessions continue to support people through overwhelming anxiety attacks.

  • They have also provided a return to potent and vigorous health after a period of illness.



These sessions are specially designed for people with symptoms of HORMONAL IMBALANCES: menopause, irregular/painful menstruation, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, emotional imbalances etc.

They are also recommended for anyone FEELING SLUGGISH physically and emotionally.

Sessions include:

  • a general reflexology treatment with a specific hormonal balancing protocol added,

  • discussion about diet, exercise, limiting beliefs and

  • Menstural Cycle Awareness.

Cost: 6 sessions for £275 if paid for upfront.

£300 if paid for individually.

Duration: First session is 1 hour, the rest 35-45 minutes.

For optimum benefit, sessions need to be booked in advance over a 6 week period.


Mother-to-Be Care Package

Let’s face it pregnancy comes with it’s own sets of challenges.


It is a time of mixed emotions as the body adjusts and prepares itself for the marathon of birth and parenthood.


I have treated several mothers-to-be throughout their pregnancies and continue to see them after their births as they navigate parenthood. They often walk away wanting more.


That is why I have set up this MOTHER-TO-BE CARE PACKAGE.

It gives the mother-to-be the choice of 4 treatments throughout her pregnancy.


It allows her to choose to treat symptoms that are affecting her quality of life,  to enhance and celebrate her role as a parent and to prepare her for birth.


I have created an PREGNANCY MASSAGE that blends elements of  Indian Head Massage and Lomi-Lomi (I can mix a specific aromatherapy oil blend too.) This PREGNANCY MASSAGE can soothe aches and pains, release worries and bring mother and baby into tender alignment.


I also offer a PREGNANCY REFLEXOLOGY protocol designed to optimise vitality, and target specific pregnancy symptoms as well as help prepare the body for imminent birth.


All of my mother-to-be clients have shared how receiving this care at this sacred yet daunting time has offered them the nurturing, confidence and wisdom they needed.


This is the perfect gift requested by many mothers-to-be.


Cost: £200 for 4 60 minute sessions to be paid upfront.

Duration: Throughout the pregnancy


Estelle van Warmelo

Lisa has an uncanny and intuitive approach in her work. In our sessions I found my body responded and adjusted in a way that was far beyond my conscious understanding. It was as if she had a direct line of communication with my core truth and natural alignment. Every time, on leaving, I could feel my inner structure had taken on an easier shape, far more fluid than its normal default mode of tension and override.